Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home: 39 Date-Night-Ready Dinner Recipes

Do you already have plans for Valentine’s Day? Before you rush to make a reservation or browse your favorite restaurants’ holiday menus, make plans in your very own kitchen. The best way to make Valentine’s Day full of love is to cook dinner in your own kitchen. Think your home isn’t the most romantic date-night destination? With the right recipes, a good playlist and your partner, it’s got all of the ambiance you need.

Plus, cooking dinner yourself is proven to be super romantic - and cooking on Valentine’s Day delivers more than just another dinner at home. According to a survey by OnePoll and HelloFresh, 7 in 10 Americans say that cooking something for a partner is more intimate than actual intimacy. And a whopping 79 percent of the survey’s respondents said they believe good food is the way to someone’s heart.

So, if you’re hoping to create a romantic evening on Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing better than planning a home-cooked meal. Whether you’re cooking something special for your other half or planning to make dinner together, the entire experience around good food and your own cozy home can spark romance.

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