CBS Los Angeles Meteorologist Faints Live On Camera

The weather woman's quick-thinking co-workers immediately sprinted to her aid.

CBS Los Angeles-KCAL meteorologist Alissa Carlson fainted mid-weather report.

During the live broadcast on Saturday morning, Carlson was introduced by reporters Nichelle Medina and Rachel Kim. When the weather check-in began, the meteorologist was seen trying to keep her balance by leaning on her desk.

She then fell face down onto the desk before falling back onto the floor, seemingly unconscious. The reporters noticed the thud, and Medina announced that the news segment would go on break, and the live broadcast was paused indefinitely.

Hours after Carlson fainted on camera, CBS Los Angeles Vice President and News Director Mike Dello Stritto gave a statement to TMZ.

"Our colleague Alissa Carlson became ill during our 7 AM newscast this morning. I want to thank her co-workers who took immediate action to comfort Alissa and call 911," the statement read.

It continued, "Alissa is being treated at the hospital right now. Hopefully we’ll know more shortly. In the meantime, Alissa will be in our thoughts and we’re praying for her to be feeling much better soon.”

Carlson also gave a short update on her Facebook page. "Thanks for all the texts, calls, and well wishes. I'm going to be okay!" she wrote.

Though the meteorologist hasn't revealed what caused the scary incident, she previously disclosed she has a heart condition.

In 2014, while working at KGET 17, Carlson vomited on air during a weather report. It was then that she was diagnosed with a leaky heart valve. In 2018, she gave an update on her condition, saying the valve had started to repair itself with stem cells from her daughter, Aris.

We hope you feel better soon, Alissa!

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