Cavapom puppy and toddler’s sweet ‘jam session’ spreads much-needed joy across TikTok: ‘The most precious thing’


The innocence of a toddler and her tiny Cavapom puppy is spreading happiness all across TikTok — and all thanks to a simple toy harmonica.

Family account @LakenandBeary gained nearly 30 million views and 34,000 comments when they uploaded the heartwarming footage of baby Ailee and her best friend Bruno to their account.

Now much like the pug and toddler who released “pure serotonin” on TikTok when they discovered an ordinary flashlight, Ailee and Bruno’s special connection is giving people around the world a much-needed break from negativity.

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In the video, we see baby Ailee and her puppy Bruno joyfully jamming out with a harmonica.

Bruno, who is 87.5% Pomeranian and 12.5% Cavalier King Charles Spaniel according to his mom, howls along in delight as her human plays away.

And while their musical number certainly tugs at one’s heartstrings, it’s the gentle embrace they share at the end of the video that truly stole TikTokers’ hearts.

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‘If only the rest of the world got along like that…’

Tens of thousands of TikTokers were so moved by the video, they had to share their feelings in the comments.

“Seeing the beauty and innocence in this video is the break we needed from the evil in [our] world,” one user wrote.

“Your generosity in sharing such a beautiful scene has touched so many of us. I personally needed a little happiness tonight. Thank you,” commented another.

“Not only adorable, but beautiful to see how gently she hugged the fur baby. … Shows she is being raised to love animals!” applauded another user.

“Omg, too cute! If only the rest of the world got along like that,” wrote one user.

“She’s so present and gentle, they have a real connection,” commented another user.

“Just 2 babies figuring out the world together,” another user wrote.

“That’s a lifelong friendship right there,” replied another.

“That has got to be the most precious thing I’ve seen today,” commented another.

While it can be difficult to recapture the innocence of childhood (or puppyhood), adults around the world can certainly learn from little Ailee and Bruno’s love for good music — and each other.

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