CAVA customer gets a little too excited about the lunch bowl

When it comes to lunch, all anyone really wants is a reliable place to get a perfectly constructed bowl with rice, a source of protein, greens and the perfect dressing to go over it.

Recently, CAVA — a Mediterranean fast-casual restaurant — has been emerging as one of the go-to places to get a lunch bowl. Users are comparing CAVA to Chipotle, CAVA’s Mexican cuisine counterpart.

I am not w Chipotle anymore,” wrote @cherievsfood over the viral “I am not with Metro anymore” sound. “I am with.. CAVA.”

With CAVA’s online presence and popularity growing, people have been showing off their orders and how much they enjoy them.

However, some people have enjoyed the food a little too much. Jayla Wayla (@jaylawaylak) posted her bowl after she was done eating with the bowl torn apart and a broken fork with her saying “It was okay. Nothing special,” in the background.

Wayla posted a video of her trying CAVA again, this time getting the pita wrap.

“To be honest,” Wayla started, “It could’ve been better.” She said all this as the camera panned up from a ripped bag to her in the mirror with sauce on her face.

Wayla’s facetious videos are part of a larger and older trend in which people devour their food and then act like the food wasn’t that great, but also have a torn up plate in the video.

“Wasn’t really a fan didn’t even finish it 2/10,” wrote @ehije in his review of some Italian food.

While Wayla was joking around about how she ate the bowl, the comments were in alignment with her that CAVA is the place to go.

“Cava just hits different,” said @schwannaf in the comments.

“Tell us what you got so we can get the EXACT thing,” @holistic.baddie replied.

With excellent reviews like Wayla’s, expect to see more CAVA content on your for you page soon.

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