Cats Have Totally Opposite Reactions to Being Caught Stealing Mom's Lunch

One of the felines feels no remorse whatsoever!

As much as every pet parent likes to think that their fur baby is perfectly behaved, there isn't an animal alive who isn't naughty every now and again. Whether it's about stealing food or failing to play nice, every pet has their weakness.

For @destinyagregory's two tabby cats, chicken nuggets are the weakness in question. They have completely opposite reactions to being caught stealing directly from their mom's plate, and it's paw-sitively hysterical.

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LOL--busted! We love how these fur siblings have totally different responses to being caught red-handed. Freya simply turns around as if she can gobble down the evidence without her mom seeing it, but then there's the second kitty.

"The cat on the left doesn't give a rats rump," said @tee.the.coder. LMAO--you're not wrong! They looked their mom dead in the eyes and owned up to a nugget theft. Meanwhile, though, their sibling has another plan.

A lot of commenters are loving Freya's boldness. @takaw_yaki appreciated "the way Freya kept hanging on the nugget even after the scruff grab. The queen will have what she wants." You can say that again! She's prepared to go to the ends of the earth to protect her stolen snack.

"Freya said 'what lunch?'" commented @antibyanca. "'I ain't eating anything, just minding my business in this corner.'” Pretty much! You can accuse her all you want of nugget theft, but she'll deny it even when there's a piece of chicken hanging out of her mouth. That's just the sassy girl she is!

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