Cat's Reunion with Her Brother After Their First Time Apart Couldn't Be Better

Her brother had to stay at the vet for 48 hours.

Oftentimes when you have two animals in one household, they become inseparable, which is very similar to siblings. These pets will do everything together. Eat together, play together and even sleep cuddling next to each other. So when one of them isn't there, it might upset the other.

At least that's what happened for TikTok user @winstonandspooky. These two cats, Winston and Spooky, are attached at each other's hips. Spooky has never gone an hour without being with Winston so you can imagine how confused she was when he had to stay overnight at the vet. But her reaction when he comes home is oh-so sweet. Check it out!

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O.M.G. Stop it! Does it get any cuter than that?! It's no wonder the video has reached over 3.8 million views within the first day! It's perfect! Plus, we're so glad to hear that Winston has returned home healthy.

She was SO excited to have her best friend back. "Omg she missed him!!!" said @scarletsaber123. We would too after not seeing him for that long! @hirohamada62 added, "Awe, she loves him so much." And he loves her so much! Hopefully, they won't have to spend any more time apart because we don't know if we could handle seeing that again.

"And the haters say cats are soulless. Lies! So precious," wrote @881315o. This video alone put that stereotype to bed!

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