Cat's Response to Receiving Scratches Has Us Flipping Out

We weren't expecting this!

Have you ever had a massage that relaxed you so much you ended up falling asleep? Ok, maybe you didn’t fall asleep fully, but the massage was so perfect you felt like none of your muscles were working. You melted straight into the massage table. We surely hope everyone has felt that type of relaxation before because man, it's something else! 

Now, would you believe us if we said animals can get this way too? We wouldn't have believed ourselves, but this clip from TikTok user @houseofmisfitrescue changed our minds. A cat feeling relaxed, unheard of, but happens! Trust us when we say you’ll be flipping out about how cute it is.

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O.M.G. The cat couldn’t handle how nice those scratches felt so he really flipped right on over. LOL! Maybe the flip was to make sure she scratched his entire back. He didn't want her to miss a single spot. We know how that goes! 

@princessbearpants commented, “10/10 perfect form.” LOL! This is the most perfect somersault we’ve ever seen. Are we sure this cat isn’t in the Olympics?! “10s across the board,” added @yourbigsisnissi. 10 for perfect form, 10 for cuteness, 10 for style. Everything was PERFECT! 

And what makes this somersault so wonderful is what @smthnwssn wrote. The comment reads, “The tail slap makes it flawless.” That it does! It really emphasizes how amazing the scratches were. We can't wait to see him perform again!

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