Cat's Reaction to Suddenly Seeing a Groundhog Outside the Window Is Too Cute for Words

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The cat probably expected to see a squirrel.

Video of two worlds colliding is the absolute best thing you'll see on the internet today. Hands down, guaranteed. Brought to us by TikTok creator @cortneyscritters, the footage shows her cat meeting a groundhog on her property in the coolest way possible. The cats reaction is absolutely precious — take a look. 

The magic of the @cortneyscritters page lies in a special window she has that allows all sorts of animals to get right up and close to her pets. Her page shows many, many of the backyard animals paying her a visit — like squirrels, Blue Jays, and even this adorable groundhog whom she later named Fred. "Fred getting into the feeder will forever be my favorite thing," she wrote in the video's caption. The footage shows her cat coming over to investigate — and the look on their face while they examine Fred is too funny. 

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So many people in the comments section were loving Fred and his new BFF. "The cat 'What kind of bird is this?'" @jackfournier3 joked. "Cat: 'Fred! We’ve talked about this before,'" @senordoom teased. "Lol. He looked like he worked real hard to get up there too!!! Good for him!!" @jerseyko1 praised. "That would be the end of me ever getting anything done or going to work. I'd watch it alllllll day!" @fatbtmdgrl joked. 

We totally agree. There's no way we could concentrate with a full meet-cute happening in the background. This woman must have incredible willpower.