Cat's Reaction to New Kittens Is Not What Mom Expected

She thought everything was going to go perfectly.

Once you get one pet, it can be very tempting to get more. They are just so adorable, and the thought of your first pet having a buddy is absolutely lovely! One woman adopted two kittens in addition to the cat she already has, and the meeting between the three felines did not go as planned.

TikTok user @burcuuozer recently shared a video of the first meeting between her two cats. In the video, an adult, grey cat lounges on a chair while someone carries the two new tuxedo kittens in. When the three first meet, the grey cat certainly has some opinions about these two new siblings. Check out the video to see what happened during the introduction!

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OMG, the grey cat hissed at the kittens! This cat mom was very surprised at this reaction and immediately scolded the older cat for being rude. We hope everyone is able to get along in the future!

People in the comments made some jokes about this cat's displeased reaction. @miguelc101 said, "Bro was flabbergasted," and @newbj2345 commented, 'She was like, "Hold up, where do you come from?"' This grey cat was not expecting a surprise like this!

Others shared tips for making the grey cat more comfortable with the new housemates. @pineapplecactus96 commented, "Mix their scents. Rub the kittens with a blanket the grey one sleeps on and vice versa." Another user, @mklam0918, said, "I had good luck introducing my cats to a new kitten using a dog gate! Have the kitten in a room, put up the gate in the doorway so the kitten and cat can see and smell each other, but the kitten is safe!" This is great information!

While this first meeting may have gotten off to a rocky start, we know things will work out. Soon enough, these three will be inseparable!

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