Cat's Reaction to the Cat Bed Being Taken Away Is Perfect

They always want what they can't have.

This video will seem so familiar to anyone who has ever owned a cat. We love cats because they are independent and truly have minds of their own. We can also get annoyed with cats because they are independent and have minds of their own. Ask any cat owner who has spent a lot of money on toys or a fancy new cat bed and you're bound to hear the cat had zero interest. Until you took it away. 

Check out this funny video posted by TikTok account holder @LunaTheMeowdel and see if this looks familiar. 

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This is just too hilarious and too typical of cats. @Samanta Mečinskaitė comments, "I bought mine a new little cat bed, she didn't want it, the minute my dog lays down in it, suddenly it's a crime for anyone else to touch it." @RosinOconner knows this situation all too well, but with a cat carrier, adding, "If the cat carrier is sitting out my cat will calmly get in it for a sleep. When I go to actually put her in it…" Yep, typical cat, every day is opposite day for cats! @Coin adds, "They won't be using it for months, then even you think of throwing away, like say a word about it, they start sleeping in it again!"

Sometimes you can entice your cat to use a bed by putting it in an enclosed space like a tent or sprinkling some catnip on it. Or, you know, putting it somewhere away and waiting for them to want it then! 

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