Cat's 'Process of Going on a Road Trip' Is So Relatable for Pet Parents

This kitty definitely needs some convincing!

Whether you're off to visit family or just getting a change of scenery, it can be extra special to bring your pet along when you're traveling. Sometimes, it can be necessary too! That's probably why @koda_thekitten's 'process of going on a road trip' looks so relatable to other pet parents! 

Cats can be especially upset about getting in the car--at first, at least--so we can't say that we were surprised by this orange kitty's dramatics. Still, it's too funny to skip!

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LMAO! Getting the cat in the car is a journey in itself, so we can't imagine how tired they'll feel after driving, too. Clearly, Koda was exhausted by the time he got comfy!

"I mean he found a sun spot and was like sheeesh say less," commented @topher81317. Exactly! Once he realized the car ride wasn't going to be the kind of hell he imagined, everything was A-OK. Hopefully, he'll remember that next time he has to get in the car--even if his stages of processing are hilarious AF.

 @XXbobgamerxx said, "omg the way he hid in the fridgeeee." It was the best! We are curious how he opens the fridge to get in there, though. Still, the questions the commenters had were even more golden.

"Do you have to put a litter box in the car?" asked @mlo4345. We hadn't even thought about that! Luckily, Koda's parents did, because they have a litter box in the back seat "every time" they hit the road. Just don't slam on the brakes, we suppose!

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