Cat's Pitiful Reaction to Family's New Kittens Makes Us LOL

Somebody is clearly not amused.

Every pet owner envisions getting another fur baby. But with that fantasy, you have to consider whether or not your current pet will enjoy another one in the house. We'd say most of the time it works out very well, but not always.

Take for example TikTok user @ohkarajane's experience when the family brought home new kittens. She originally thought that maybe, just maybe, her current cat would take the kittens in like they were her own. But the cat had a very different reaction. Check it out! 

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O.M.G. We feel so bad for laughing, but we can't help it! The cat wanted nothing to do with these orange fur babies. You can say someone's a little jealous! 

"She refuses to even look at them!" wrote @jessicawithag3. She's so disappointed her parents even considered adding to the family. And now she's reminiscing on the good-ole days when it was just her. HA! Poor baby, we promise they did it because they thought you'd like it! @kendalyelton added, "She's like, 'Take them back where they came from and I might forgive you." She wants them gone and then extra snuggles for the next two weeks! 

Maybe the cat was thinking what @pauline_m_1 said, "If she doesn’t see them they don’t exist." LOL! If she doesn't see them, then she's still the only cat in the family. @spanish_chick commented, "Cats are so funny and extra." And that's why we love them so much! Sooner or later she'll come around and they'll all be best friends. We just know it!


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