Cat's Insistent Way of Getting Human to Stop Working Is Priceless

Apparently this cat had enough for the day.

Are you currently reading this on your laptop? Do you have a pet cat? Chances are they are currently blocking your view while you're trying to read because that's what cats do! Cats love nothing more than getting all up in your biz when you are trying to conduct biz either working from home or solving today's Wordle.

If they aren't attempting to lie across your keyboard (and more on this later) they are trying to shut it all down so you can do your real human job, which is to feed them or supply them with catnip. Just ask EA Smiroldo, proud cat owner who submitted the following video to PetHelpful. It's hilariously relatable.

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Okay cat, now that you've got our attention! Sheesh, it's like he doesn't even realize it's tax season! The reason why your adorable feline is so fascinated with your laptop is not only because your laptop gives off heat, but because YOU, their favorite hooooman, is distracted with this hunk of metal machinery and they want your attention. Hence, the above shutting of the laptop.

You can attempt to distract them from creating a cozy rest area for them close to you, or by not rewarding their behavior when they shut your laptop or sit on it. You know, by picking them up and petting them and telling them how hilarious they are. Or, you could get them their VERY OWN laptop. That may keep them distracted long enough for you to binge watch the latest Real Housewives!

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