Cat's Insistence on Destroying Paper Towel Rolls Cracks Us Up

Cats are just too adorably destructive.

Show us a cat owner and we'll show you a person who has been subjected to shredded toilet paper rolls, chewed up paper bags, and gnawed on wrapped presents. Cats love nothing more than to find whatever paper they can get their greedy little furry paws on and totally destroy it. We have no idea why this is, but we just know it's a fact. 

A perfect example of this hilariously annoying behavior can be seen in this video that TikTok user @Figgythefeline posted. Just watch it and see if you can relate!

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LOL! Been there, cleaned up that mess! So has @Emily Wright1863 who posts, "Hahaha, same thing happens to my toilet paper roll if I don’t hide it."  @LJ is in the same situation typing, "All paper towels and TP have to be locked down in my house." @Nikki says, " I can literally turn my head for one second and the entire roll is shredded across my living room!" @Livclaire's cat has taken this whole thing up a notch and she says, "Omg me too! And toilet paper and books. And cards on walls if he can reach them. He’s already eating thru the wood door. Not kidding." Whoa. We thought our cats were destructive! 

It's a universal truth: cats hate all toilet paper, paper towels and paper products. This is why we can't have nice things! Or, you know, paper products that aren't kept hidden in a cabinet or closet.