Cat's Funny Way of Demanding Food Couldn't Be More Endearing

When we usually think of demanding pets, dogs are the first ones that pop into our heads. They always want to play or eat or snuggle. We never think of cats as demanding because they’re independent and easygoing. Or so we thought!

This recent clip from TikTok user @ollie.cdrdr is proving to us, and the 37.5 million other people that watched it, that cats are very demanding creatures. This cat wanted food and he wanted it right that second. Check it out!

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LMAO! We’d never laughed so loud at a cat before and we couldn't stop the more we watched it. It truly doesn’t get old! Well, at least on this side of the camera it doesn’t get old. We’re sure this cat’s parents are very annoyed at this cat and the way he demands food!

“Lol why are they like this,” said @jc.9305. Right?! Our only guess is that they know they run the house and therefore they know they can do whatever they want to us. LOL! We aren’t going to challenge them! @lucieonmars added, “This is my cat around 4 a.m. every morning in my ear while I’m sleeping.” HA! That sounds about right!

One TikToker, @mesheltik, asked, “Tornado siren testing?” HA! For real though, this doesn’t even sound like a cat. This isn’t a meow; this is a full-on scream. We’ve never heard a cat make a sound like this before. But that’s shame on us because we should know cats like to have things their way. They rule the house! And shame on these cat owners for not knowing by now they need to be faster than that, so the screaming doesn’t continue for that long. LOL!

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