Cat's Fitting Reaction to Bird Feeder Outside the Window Is Perfect

Having a bird feeder in your yard or attached to your window is such a beautiful and peaceful experience. Who wouldn’t want to see all the different kinds of birds fluttering around right outside your home? Well, maybe we spoke too soon because cat owners would beg to differ. LOL!

TikTok user @farm_her has a bird feeder that is pressed against her window so she can enjoy the little birdies up close and personal. At least she tries to enjoy the view, but her cat has other plans. Watch what this cat does as the birds are eating. It’s absolutely perfect!

LMAO! Something tells us that the cat has been waiting there for a long time to do that. We can’t help but laugh at the cat’s reaction, but we totally understand how this TikToker would get frustrated. All she wants is to watch the birds in peace! Is that too much to ask?! The answer is yes when you live with cats. Ha!

“I didn’t read the caption until after so the cat bomb was a total surprise,” said @meredith_fl. Even after reading the caption we were still completely caught off guard. LOL! “Those window feeders are the best cat toy I’ve bought,” added For real though! Your cat could be entertained for hours!

Another TikTok user, @sleepysydneyreads, wrote, “Just saw a TikTok of a one-way mirror feeder. So, the birdies just look at themselves and the kitties get a show.” O.M.G. What?! That is hands down the best invention since sliced bread. A win-win for all involved!

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