Cat's Epic Reaction to Meeting New Baby Simply Can't Be Topped

What are the odds of this happening?

It is a well known fact that new born babies have a distinct scent. Many say it is sweet and slight cheesy, though there is some debate as to if this is a pleasant or unpleasant smell. One Ragdoll cat decisively shared what she thought about the new born baby smell in this viral video.

TikTok user @caydencazier recently shared video of her cat meeting her new born baby for the first time. In the video, this kitty walks up to the baby to greet her, and after sniffing the newborn, this cat has a very unexpected reaction! Check out the video to see what happened next.

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Oh my goodness, this cat threw up after meeting the new baby! This is so unexpected, and very funny. This cat does not like the smell of new born babies.

People in the comments thought this was hilarious. @slaaaaaade said, "The fact that he immediately knew the cat was gonna throw up is so funny to me." Another user, @rachelcocoa5, commented, "LMAO! Why are domestic animals so dramatic?" We feel bad that the kitty threw up, but this is just too good.

Others looked at the bright side and thought it was nice of the cat to step away from the baby first. @moonlightmiamaybe commented, "At least she had the decency to walk away beforehand," and @roneisha.taylor said, "She had the respect to go to the other room." This kitty definitely gets points for being so considerate while throwing up.

We can't believe this cat reacted like this after meeting the baby. This is one baby and pet meeting that simply cannot be topped!

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