Cat's Need for 'Emotional Support Box' Is Impossible to Resist

We will be his emotional support human!

Emotional support cats are so wonderful for people dealing with anxiety or depression or certain phobias. These animals provide support to their owners who may otherwise experience a compromised quality of living. Animals can lower blood pressure and make us live longer. 

But what if your emotional support animal suffers from one of the same conditions you do, like anxiety? Watch this video to see the adorable cat TikTok user @Sam_no_eat_ham posted to see this poor cat afraid of the delivery guys!

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Awwww! It's so sweet and sad how he's using the box for his own emotional support. @Jay demands, "Never get anything delivered again!" Awww, it's true, we hate seeing this baby all scared. @Becca is right here with this owner, posting, "Omg my cat for my anxiety also has anxiety too!" @Nmarie82 is all of us, commenting, "I also cry into my comfort leftovers. I know how it feels." 

Not to worry, pet owner @Sam_No_eat_ham posted a follow up where they explained the cat is recovered now. Here's hoping they get a lot of treats and cuddles after those delivery guys left! 

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