Cat's Blatant Annoyance Over Their Humans Having a Friend Over Makes Us LOL

Cats are just the best.

There's no denying that animals can be very protective of their owners. Dogs on one hand might be a little more vocal when it comes to being protective. And cats, well, they like to silently protect, which is what we see in this recent clip from TikTok cat @orange._lily.

This orange cat's owner invited a friend over without running it by Lily first. And you can clearly tell the cat didn't want the friend there. It wasn't subtle at all. LOL! Check it out!

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LMAO! No wonder this clip reached over 1 million views within the first day. We can't stop laughing! "✨ the audacity ✨ 😂," commented @endure_and_survive_. Right?! How dare this owner invite someone over without checking with Lily first? Rude!

"Cat didn't even blink once 😂😂," pointed out @lindambaba. LOL! Lily's look clearly shows that she means business. She wants that human out! @Chris_Amaru said, "Looks like new friend is not approved by the owner of this home 😳😂." That's a given to both - she doesn't approve and that Lily is the owner of the home. HA! "She has to leave 😂😂😂," added @toannejwomey. That's what we'd do if we were in her shoes. We'd be too freaked out to stay. LOL!

Or maybe that look from Lily isn't because she's being protective. We think it could be what @helenlouise7978 said. The comment reads, "A new hooman to pass judgement on." HA! Now that's more like a cat if you ask us!


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