Cato Dobbs Tears Through New Zealand and Barcelona in the Latest Thunder Trucks Edit

From the streets of New Zealand to some classic gems in Barcelona, Cato Dobbs straight up delivers in the latest Thunder trucks edit. This dude can do it all!

Between a few big tricks down some hefty sets and an impressive variety of his smooth, technical ledge and manual tricks, Cato has his way some of the city's best spots. Check it out:

Hailing from New Zealand, Cato is one of those dudes who skates with that envious blend of power and finesse. He has a deep bag of tricks—many that you don't see that often—and stacked up a healthy mix of clips during this quick trip.

There were a few surprises in here that got me super hyped. I mean, it all got me hyped, but every one of these clips are way gnarlier than he's making them look. Stomped! Onto the next...

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It might be short and sweet, but this edit packs a major punch. Just look at the flick on his switch backside flip ender! Unreal.

Killed it, Cato. Keep the clips coming!

Video / Anthony Claravall

Edit / Andres Bill

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