Catherine Zeta-Jones, 51, shows off her figure in a polka-dot bikini

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Catherine Zeta-Jones isn’t shy about stepping out in a bikini.

The Chicago actress, 51, took to Instagram on July 27 to post a pic of herself sporting a polka-dot bikini. The artsy black-and-white photo features a touch of color — specifically on a magenta chair. Zeta-Jones captioned the pic, in which she wore an oversized hat, “I like a pink chair every now and again!”

The comments section, of course, did not have much to say about the furniture. Instead, it was full of fire emojis and followers praising Zeta-Jones as "beautiful" and "fabulous."

The Welsh star, who shares her children Carys and Dylan with her husband, Michael Douglas, recently spoke about how she only gets more secure in herself with age. The Prodigal Son alum told The Sydney Morning Herald, “There’s a confidence I’ve sometimes had to put on when I walk down a red carpet. I have my insecurities like every other woman. But as I’ve got older, I’ve got much more confident about the way I look.”

Though the Oscar winner is a frequent Instagram user, she admitted to the outlet that she doesn’t think it’s great that children are currently growing up inundated with near-perfect images.

“I really feel sorry for my daughter’s generation who are inundated with images on social media with filters,” she explained. “There’s not a real representation of a woman. I was never brought up with that. I know for sure if I was brought up in that world, it would have affected me.”

Earlier this month, Zeta-Jones joked about her own idealized image on Instagram.

She captioned a nude photograph of herself, “TBT or thought provoking Thursday. When did I start showering with make up on? I guess when there is a photographer in there with you.”