Cate Blanchett on aging: 'I feel more confident than I did 15 years ago'

Cate Blanchett‘s skin and life forever changed 15 years ago when makeup artist Mary Greenwell introduced her to the Facial Treatment Essence by SK-II. Since bolstering her daily skin care regimen with the “miracle water,” which contains 99 percent pitera (a yeast extract produced during the fermentation process of saké), she “doesn’t have as many [acne] outbreaks, and the [hyper]pigmentation is not there,” the actress tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Several award-winning movie roles and four kids later, Blanchett still swears by the essence. And this small step in her routine is actually a big part of how she practices self-care every day.

“I think, like all mothers, the bit of time you spend the least on is doing something for yourself. Time is so precious. It does not come back. We have so little of it, and we feel so guilty for taking any time out,” she says. “I would wake up literally five minutes early and say, ‘I’m going to wash my face, I’m going to put on essence.’ It’s literally those five minutes in the morning when I’m looking after myself.”

Take a look back at Blanchett’s beauty evolution and you’ll see the dramatic difference SK-II has made in her skin’s appearance and tone. As the Australian-born star explains, “I’m 15 years older than when I started using the products, but I feel more confident than I did 15 years ago. I don’t think it’s because I’m an actress and people are blowing smoke up my ass. It’s because I do that little thing in the morning and I don’t have to worry. Because in the end, it’s that fear and anxiety that is indoctrinated into us as women … that’s what takes away our natural beauty.”

The 48-year-old also praises the luxury skin care brand for helping her to “embrace” aging and not add to the pressure “that’s put on women to not change, to sort of crystalize themselves in their 20s, and sort of freeze themselves there.”

Blanchett has already started having honest, informative talks with her kids about Western and preventive medicine, as well as how things such as homeopathy and taking vitamins can make you healthier. But as far as stopping the aging process, she has a pretty strong stance: “If you are trying to arrest change, you’ll send yourself f***ing crazy.” Someone please put that quote on a makeup bag ASAP.

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