Cat Travels with 'Emotional Support Potatoes' and Exactly No One Is Judging

Oh this is just so sweet!

Nugget is an absolutely perfect senior rescue cat that belongs to TikTok account holder @Toothless.Nugget. Nugget was in a shelter for about four months when he was finally adopted, and not only is he toothless and deaf, but he also underwent treatment for nasal cancer. 

One of his precious quirks is that he's madly in love with potatoes and has to travel with them. Just check out the following video to see what we mean. 

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@Tasha comments, "That baby has been through a lot this year. He deserves whatever he wants." @Kweenkassio comments, "When your emotional support animal needs emotional support." Awwww! @Rochellegordon sadly says, "Nugget reminds me of my old cat, her name was Tater and she was also partially toothless as well. She passed away last year and we miss her." 

We are so happy Nugget has such a loving home with owners who are willing to protect him at all costs. Senior cats are just the best and Nugget is no exception! 

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