Cat Surrendered to Shelter After Being 'Replaced' by New Kitten Is Breaking Hearts

Hearts are breaking all across TikTok as viewers learn about Nala's story. After a distressing change at home, this sweet tabby cat was dropped off at @humanebroward in Broward County, Florida. The family had adopted a new kitten who didn't get along with Nala, but instead of choosing a number of other options, they chose to surrender the cat they'd had for eight years.

As you can imagine, Nala is absolutely heartbroken as she spends her days in the shelter. As much as her caretakers try to shower her with love, she deserves a true forever home as soon as possible.

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Poor baby! We can't believe that her family would do this to her after eight years of love and loyalty, but sure enough--here she is. Her online biography describes her as an affectionate cat who's 'vocal for treats,' but she had become less comfortable with the litter box once the new kitty came along. We get it--sometimes we all need our own space!

Viewers are both saddened and angry at Nala's fate, especially since she did absolutely nothing wrong. Instead, she was replaced by the new kitten. We're sure the new baby is a wonderful kitty, too, but that kitten would've been adopted immediately had she not stayed with Nala's ex-family.

"How do people have a cat for eight years and not love it?" asked @kizzzzy. "I bet they didn’t even give her enough time to adjust." You could be right! It can take weeks, or even months, for everyone in the home to adjust to a new pet, and we don't know how long Nala and the kitten had been together. What we do know, though, is that she deserves a loving home where she'll be adored for the rest of her days.

According to Nala's online biography, she does well with adults, children, and even dogs. As long as she's the only cat in the house and she gets plenty of time to adjust, she'd make the purr-fect partner for almost any cat lover. So if you're in Florida and are considering adopting a cat--consider meeting her!

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