Cat Who Says the Word 'Okay' Clear As Day Is Gaining TikTok Fame

No, your ears did not deceive you!

These days, pets can become famous on social media for doing just about anything. And we're not saying it's a bad thing! It can be downright hilarious to see the different things our furry friends can do, or in this case--to hear the things they can say.

One precious, vocal cat named Akkodha is known as on TikTok, and it only takes a moment to understand why. She can say the word 'okay' as clear as crystal--and it's the sweetest thing!

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OMG! This gorgeous girl is actually saying 'okay,' and she's nailing it! Her enunciation is on point, even if her volume is low. It makes us want to listen even closer!

We seriously loved @norwegian_garden's comment that read, "them: How many times are you gonna watch this? Me: Ok." LOL! That's the only appropriate answer to any question about this video, but it also brings up an excellent point. One can't just watch this video once!

"That’s the clearest 'okay' I heard coming from a cat," said @ender1434. Same here! We've never heard any kitty say a word as distinctly as Akkodha does. 'Impressive' doesn't even begin to describe it!

@Codyryandenise is a big fan of "the little click sound," and so are we. Aside from being unique and utterly adorable, it makes the perfect 'k' sound, too. Even @chewy agrees!

The popular pet company said that they're "happy after watching this for sure." You're not the only ones! 3 million animal-lovers have seen this video on the first day it was posted, and those numbers are only going up.

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