Cat Sanctuary in Hawaii Where Kitties Basically Grown on Trees Is Fascinating

If you are in search of a dream vacation destination, and you also happen to be a cat lover (and who isn't?) there's a cage-less outdoor cat sanctuary with over 700 cats in Lanai, Hawaii. As the kids these days say, we want to go to there.

The TikTok account for @Nathanthecatlady recently visited and uploaded the following clip to their TikTok page. It looks so beautiful there! Watch the following and see if this will make your dream destination bucket list!

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TikTok users are totally enchanted by this sanctuary, and one of them commented, "You’re telling me, all I had to do was plant a cat tree and I could grow my own kitties?" If only it were so easy! @Kathleen adds, "WOW!!!! Would be a dream to have that. I love how comfortable they all look." @Becca says, "This is amazing!! I need to go there." Us too!

@Brenda comments with what a lot of us are thinking, and says, "This is so beautiful plus with this music I have severe goosebumps and warmth in my heart!!" @Iflookscouldchill sweetly adds, "So, this is what heaven looks like!" @Ash replies, "I spent some time in Kauai and it was really something else to see how much they do for cats in Hawaii compared to where I live."

If you would like some more information about the Lanai cat sanctuary, including how you can make a donation and how you can visit the colony, you can visit their website here. Sounds like a dream vacation to us!

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