Cat received voter registration form — and that's not even the weird part

When Ron Tims was going through his mail on July 8, an envelope made him do a double-take.It was a voter registration application addressed to his cat, Cody Tims, who had died 12 years ago.Georgia’s Secretary of State’s Office claimed that the registration letter did not come from them and must have been from a third-party.“Make no mistake about it, this office is dedicated to investigating all types of fraud,” the Secretary of State’s Office said in a statement.With the upcoming election in November, organizations have made it a priority to get more people registered in the state.Alas, even if Cody were the right species to cast a vote, voters also need a photo ID, which he did not have.“[He was a] great cat, indoor and outdoor, loved his family, loved his neighborhood. He was 18 and a half when he passed away,” Carol said.When asked, the Tims couple reportedly said that they think Cody would vote “DemoCAT”

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