Cat Owners Swear This Fish Toy With Silver Vine Works Even Better Than Catnip & It's Under $20

If your cat goes crazy for catnip, chances are they’ll go even more crazy for silver vine. Studies have shown that silver vine is both more potent than catnip and that a higher percentage of cats will respond to it, so it’s pretty much extra-strength, mass-appeal catnip — and these adorable plush fish toys from TwinCritters stuffed with silver vine have cat owners raving about the effects on their furry friends.

“I can’t believe how my cat reacted to these,” says one of over 900 five-star reviews. “He chased me through the house meowing at me until I gave him one. He was all over it as soon as he got and hasn’t put it down since.” If that sounds like a dream, we have great news: you can snag these toys for under $20 on Amazon right now!

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TwinCritters Silver Vine Plush Sardine Cat Toys
Silver Vine Plush Sardine Toys

These two-packs of plush toys from TwinCritters come in all kinds of shapes and sizes — our favorites are the sardines, but you can also pick from wine bottles, unicorns, vegetables, and more, whatever best matches the essence of your kitty. All toys are refillable and come with an extra pack of TwinCritters’ “KittiKrack Rock” silver vine refills, and they’re sturdily built to stand up hours of your cat smashing them around trying to get at the insides. TwinCritters’ silver vine is totally additive and preservative-free, made from natural crushed silver vine fruit that might just drive your fur baby wild.

TwinCritters Sardine Toy 2-Pack $17.88

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“My cat doesn’t typically play with cat toys, he’d rather play together with my pup and his toys. I barely opened the delivery bag before he started flaring his nose and jumping up to see what is inside,” says another heartwarming five-star review. “That was several weeks ago and now he cuddles this lil fish daily. Don’t think about it, just buy it and make your fur babies day.”

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We love the sound of that! If you’re ready to make your fur babies’ day — and if your kitties are immune to the euphoria-inducing effects of catnip — see if these silver vine toys can’t perk them up in a major way!

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