Cat with Neurological Disorder Makes the Most Unique and Irresistible Paintings

She loves painting with the help of her mom!

Every pet has a talent, whether it's sheer strength or a sharp mind. It's part of what makes every animal unique, and it can be so rewarding to watch your furry friend be their best self. Odds are, they'll feel happier too!

For @phoebethechkitty, an adorable black and white cat with cerebellar hypoplasia, her artistic skill is what sets her apart from the rest. She gets a little help setting up each painting thanks to her loving mom, but this beautiful kitty is becoming so popular that she's even making custom orders!

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OMG--this is beyond adorable! Pheobe's wobbly painting process is the cutest thing we've seen in a while, and the finished product is worthy of a chef's kiss. The pawprint simply puts it over the top. Sign us up for a custom order, please!

"I love watching Phoebe paint," gushed commenter @phtevenjcats. We know exactly what you mean! This special needs cat seems like such a sweet soul, and we love how focused she gets when the snack comes out. That's when she knows it's time to create!

Cerebellar hypoplasia, also called 'wobbly cat syndrome,' doesn't slow this gal down at all. She's making the most out of life, just like the vast majority of cats with this congenital condition. As Blue Pearl Vet explains, cerebellar hypoplasia is due to incomplete or incorrect brain development before a feline is born. It's "neither contagious nor painful," so the biggest challenge these cats face is finding an owner who can provide them with the special care they need.

Clearly, Phoebe will never have to worry about that! She and her mama have a great thing going, and we love to see the paintings she gets to make. This gorgeous tuxedo kitty seems like the happiest gal!

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