Cat Mom's Beyond Detailed Instructions for Her Cat-Sitting Brother Are So Over-the-Top

It’s very hard leaving your children, both the human and fur babies, while you go on a work trip or vacation. You put all your trust into a friend or another family member to watch over them while you’re away. You’ll leave them instructions on morning routines, bedtimes, and what they should eat.

Usually, for pets, owners will just share what to do via word of mouth. Or so we thought! TikTok user @jamesvisser666 is in charge of watching his sister’s cats for two weeks and the detailed instructions she left him is something we’ve never seen before. Talk about being organized!

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O.M.G. Is this real life?! Yes, yes, it is. LOL! Some of you might think this is over-the-top and we get why, but at the same time, we wish we were this organized! She’s just a cat mom who wants to make sure her babies are properly cared for. As much as you trust someone else to watch your pets, no one will ever give them as much love as you do!

“Oh, may I have a copy to use for my cat please?” asked @turduckening. For real though! We always get a text or two while we’re away because we forget to put something on the directions for our pets. This type of organization would solve all of that! @theannoyingmum added, “Now, that’s being extra at its finest.” And we couldn’t love it anymore! Her cats are in great hands.

Another TikTok user, @sabasal888, pointed out, “Hmm, not laminated though.” HA! We have a feeling she’ll make sure it laminated next time after seeing this comment. Plus, she’ll send out email copies just in case someone accidentally throws it away. LOL!

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