Cat Goes After Mom's False Eyelashes and the Video Is Priceless

For a lot of people, mastering the art of false eyelash application is a tricky business. Either your eyelashes end up looking crooked or you end up looking like you have a very large spider attacking your eyelid.

Welp, the beautiful black and white kitty that belongs to TikTok account @OkOkVeronica obviously doesn't care how long it took mom to do their makeup, because this cat just ain't having it. Watch the following hilarious video to see this little eyelash thief.

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LOL! Odie the cat obviously doesn't care how long it took mom to do their makeup! TikTok users can relate, and @Llama has a cat with similar kleptomaniac tendencies and says, "MY CAT DOES THIS TOO! Although he has saved me many times when I’m drunk cause he always takes them to the same corner in my room." @G adds, "My cat eats my falscara clusters if I leave them lying around. Freaked me out so bad." @Vee says, "What?! This is so funny he said, "Baby you don't need these, you're beautiful without them." Listen, things could always be worse, and another user replies, "My cat does the same thing, but mine are extensions so she just rips my lashes out." Yeeee-ouch, lol!

Most cat owners know their furry besties love licking their eyeballs, and this could be due to the fact that because cats are fastidious about grooming themselves, they may view you as their kitten and show affection by grooming their owners as well.

Or else it's just because cats are ridiculous weirdos and love causing chaos wherever they can. Yeah, it's probably that!

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