Cat Gets Caught Messing With the Thermostat and We Can't Stop Laughing

No more blaming it on other family members!

If your electric bill has been unexplainably high lately, you may want to check in with the cat. It's true-- if they're even a fraction as curious and chaotic as this furry Maine Coon cat, they might be messing with the thermostat. It might sound hard to believe, but Babbs has been busted at the scene of the crime!

On @babbsthecat's TikTok account, their dad shared a clip of the feline stealthily changing the thermostat's temperature. It's equal parts hilarious and impressive if you ask us, so you won't want to skip it.

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OMG--what a sneak! We're positively obsessed with Babbs and their silly antics. It's as if Dad wasn't right there watching the whole time! Viewer @juliaganley thought "he acts like he pays the bills," and we couldn't agree more. We stan confidence in a feline!

Still, @babygurl4u2022 was so on point with her comment. She said, "Dad: who touched the A.C? Kids: wasn't us. Dad: well it sure wasn't the sees video: oh nevermind." If that isn't accurate AF! We don't know whether Babbs' dad has human children, but if he does, we bet this is exactly how it went. 

"Lol the cat watching to see if the ac is kicking," totally got us, just like it got @mao7525. Babbs is so smart! agrees, writing, that the cat "seems to actually know what it does." We're sure they've figured it out! Then again, we wouldn't be that surprised if Babs was just playing with the dial. Who knows! 

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