Cat Does the Impossible and Breaks Free from Guards at Baseball Stadium

Every once in a while, you might see a fan run onto the field during a sporting event. Other fans can’t get enough because of the added entertainment. But for the one running on the field, their 5 minutes of fame is short-lived as security quickly catches the fan. Although not all fans get caught!

ESPN recently posted a clip to their TikTok account @espn of one fan that did the impossible and escaped the guards while on the field in an MLB baseball stadium. The things we would’ve done to be able to see this in real life because trust us, it’s not your typical fan.

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O.M.G. What?! How on earth was a cat able to get on the field and then scale the wall like it was nothing?! Talk about impressive! Like we’ve said before, we would’ve done anything to be there to see this in person because well, this is hands down better than any baseball game we’ve ever seen. And we aren’t the only ones who think so!

“This is the longest I’ve watched a baseball game,” said @johnsnow1721. HA! Hey, at least we aren’t the only ones who are in this boat. We only come to baseball games for the hot dogs, bat dogs, and bark at the park days.

The best part of this video, in our opinion, is the commentators talking about it on air. LOL! “’Terrific stuff by the cat.’ No way!” wrote @gravymacaroni. Yes, way! They were actually talking about this situation like it was a game. A commentator just doing his job and we got to say, his skills are next level.

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