Cat Discovers the Heating Pad and His Reaction Is Everything

This cat is enjoying this a little too much.

It's common for a pet parent to say "I would do anything for my pet." We love our pets, they are our babies, we want to make them happy, we love making them as comfortable as possible. Even if that means letting them have the heating pad we just purchased to make ourselves feel better.

Well, judging by the reaction the cat that belongs to TikTok account holder @Its_jabent has after trying out the heating pad, we'd have a very hard time taking it away from him too.

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We can't help but wonder if this heating pad is infused with catnip or something. @Sy says, "Dudes acting like he's never known warm before."  This guy is seriously drooling! He's basically acting like a human after getting it's first deep tissue massage. @Lacrimosa hilariously comments, "Me when I combo the heating pad with an extra strength Tylenol." @Annika adds, "You may have to rename him toast once he’s done cuz he’s gonna look toasted." @CMS says, "Make sure you flip him halfway through or he won’t be cooked thoroughly." LOL!

@Its_Jabent posted a hilarious followup of the cat turned over.

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He's just too much. He's like on his second glass of wine, sitting in a hot tub, watching the Real Housewives and waiting for Door Dash to bring him his Chinese food delivery relaxed.

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