Cat Cafe's Funny Descriptions for Adoptable Cats Are Just Too Perfect

The Neko Cat Cafe in Bellingham, Washington is always one of our very favorite TikTok accounts for showcasing their adoptable cats in the most hilarious and innovative ways.

They've posted a new video of descriptions of some of their adoptable cats and welp, good luck trying to pick a favorite.

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We think DJ Silly Goose looks exactly like his head is full of Teddy Grahams. Barbie is a coffee cake! Ozzy doesn't have toe beans, he has big 'ol bean sprouts! Basically, all the descriptions of these adoptable cats are totally perfect.

At this point, most everyone understands why cat adoption is so important. By adopting a cat from a shelter or rescue organization, you are helping to save the life of an kitty that may have otherwise been euthanized due to overcrowding or lack of resources. Also, adopting a cat can help to reduce the number of cats on the streets and in shelters, which in turn can reduce the risk of overpopulation and homelessness among cats.

Cats can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and give people a sense of companionship and help stave off loneliness. Plus, they make great pets for people who don't feel like walking a dog at 4 a.m. in the snow or having to deal with the muddy aftermath of a dog who has played in the dirt!

If you are in the area and would like to visit the Neko Cat Cafe you can find their hours and location here. Just make sure you give DJ Silly Goose a big 'ol kiss from us! Or, visit your local shelter or Humane Society to meet a new cat friend there.

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