Cat Believes He’s Full of Magic After Putting Out a Candle

He couldn’t believe what he did.

Cats are very curious creatures. They’re always investigating items around the house and sticking their paws into whatever they can. Most of the time it leads to items being knocked off the counter. They'll learn that's fun and they’ll do it again and again. But other times, they are shocked at what they find.

TikTok user @margrethealida’s cat wanted to figure out what the tiny, flickering light was on the table. To us, we all know it was a candle, but upon further investigation, this cat probably believes the candle is some type of sorcery or that he’s magic. LOL! Take a look at this clip which has quickly gone viral with over 11.3 million views!

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O.M.G. His reaction is absolutely priceless. He looked at his paw, then back to the candle, and now, 100% believes he has the power to control light. Which, he technically does because he did put it out. LOL!

“Ohh, he’s looking at his magic little paw,” said @coneia. He puts out one tiny flame and all of a sudden, he thinks he can do it all. LOL! Some TikTokers were worried that maybe he looked at his paw because he hurt himself, but don’t worry. The creator wrote in the comments he was completely fine!

@apricot_the_kitten wrote, “He’s like, ‘Am I…magic?’” HA! We’re not going to tell him he’s not magic so let’s just let him keep believing what he wants to. Even the official TikTok for Tootsie Roll candies commented exactly what this cat was thinking. It reads, “Am I…better than everyone?” Yes, Gustav, you are better than us all!

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