Cat Annoyed with Mom for Taking Too Long to Feed Her Gets Hilarious 'Revenge'

People can’t get enough of pets because, for starters, there isn’t a day that goes by that they don’t put a smile on their owners’ faces. Pets are simply adorable. Plus, they do the funniest things and don’t even get us started on how smart they are.

TikTok user's cat is all the above – cute, funny and smart. This cat is smart because she knows exactly when it’s time to eat. She’s adorable and funny because what she does to her owner when she isn’t fed at the right time is hilarious revenge. Take a look!

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O.M.G. Stop it! We can’t handle all this cuteness. Her cat truly sold that performance because for a second it sounded like the cat was chewing on her phone charger, but this cat knew better not to actually bite it, or else food would be delayed even more. LOL! We wish our cats were also this considerate!

“The way your cat even fake swallowed sent me,” said @anagcj98. SAME! She really went all in on this performance to get her perfect “revenge” on her mom. LOL! @ghih958 added, “She is a pro in drama acting school!” For real though! Someone please get this cat an acting agent ASAP. Well, right after she gets her food first!

Another TikToker, @immy.lowe, commented, “When you try and hint to your mom you want something but can’t actually ask because she will get mad.” HA! We’ve all been there before. This cat was beating around the bush while still trying to get her point across. Don't worry, all 20 million users that watched this video heard the message loud and clear!

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