The Cast of "Million Dollar Beach House" Is Game for a Second Season

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

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  • Million Dollar Beach House is Netflix's latest foray into the world of luxury real estate.

  • The six-episode show follows five real estate agents over the course of a busy summer in the Hamptons.

  • Will there be a season 2 of Million Dollar Beach House? Speaking to, one of the show's agents, Peggy Zabakolas, says the cast is already game.

With Million Dollar Beach House's release andSelling Sunset approaching its fourth season, Netflix has become one of the premiere locations for shows about glorious, and inaccessible homes. Million Dollar Beach House is set on the tony beachfronts of the Hamptons, New York's getaway spot.

If Million Dollar Beach House experiences the same success as Selling Sunset, then we can count on another season. Speaking to, agent Peggy Zabakolas says she and the other four real estate agents featured are game for more. "I would a hundred percent be interested in doing the show again," Peggy says.

The first season of Million Dollar Beach House was filmed in the summer of 2019. Since then, the world has changed drastically due to the coronavirus pandemic—but that doesn't mean season 2 of Million Dollar Beach House isn't possible. Peggy says the agents of Million Dollar Beach House, who cater to the ultra-wealthy, have only become busier. "The Hamptons market is great this summer. I mean, it's booming on a whole 'nother level," Peggy says.

Here's what we know about the future of Million Dollar Beach House—including when it might come out.

Million Dollar Beach House has not been renewed for a second season—yet.

The show just came out, so it's impossible to say what the future holds. However, there definitely will be material for future seasons. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Peggy says that the rental and sales market in the Hamptons was booming this summer, thanks to people searching for prolonged getaways and year-round homes.

"This summer has been great. Homes are going at significantly more than they typically would. There's bidding wars left and right. There are homes that had been sitting on the market for years that are now selling above ask. In a funny way, this was a blessing in disguise because I actually had my fundamentals in the Hamptons from last summer," Peggy says.

When will season 2 of Million Dollar Beach House come out?

So far, it's impossible to say. Peggy confirms that the show was not filmed in 2020. The cast of Selling Sunset thinks that Million Dollar Beach House will be filmed in the summer of 2021. With any luck, a new season will be available in the fall of 2021, to make us dream of summer—or even 2022, which seems too far-off to contemplate.

The next season of Million Dollar Beach House will feature the same agents.

Along with Peggy, Million Dollar Beach House follows James Giugliano, JB Andreassi, Michael Fulfree, and Noel Roberts, all agents for Nest Seekers International. This is hardly the first time Nest Seekers agents have been featured on reality TV. Ryan Serhant of Million Dollar Listing New York is a Nest Seekers agent, too—in fact, Peggy appeared on that show as well.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

And there will be drama.

Look, Million Dollar Beach House is no Selling Sunset. The agents spend most of the show selling houses, not making snide remarks about one another's divorces, and there are definitely no eerily accurate psychic readings. However, there is certainly drama—look no further than the fallout of Noel and Peggy's botched showing.

Reflecting on the show, Peggy describes the clashes like that one as an inevitability. "Obviously, there's going to be drama, especially when you put five people who are aggressive in the sense that they're talented in their work ethic," Peggy says.

Despite the occasional flare-ups, Peggy likens her colleagues to a family. "We are a dysfunctional family, but we are a family at the end of the day," she says. "We're all friendly and we all can work together amicably. I think some of us have better relationships than others, but I think it's fair to say in any work environment, sometimes you've clicked better with someone than you would with another person."

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

This won't change: Season 2 of Million Dollar Beach House will remain "very authentic."

Recently, the authenticity of Selling Sunset has been questioned, with celebrities like Chrissy Teigen openly wondering whether the show's agents were even real. Peggy of Million Dollar Beach House guarantees that everything—from the drama to the listings—was "100% real," adding that "everything was very authentic."

Need more proof? Look at Peggy's Instagram photo with Sandy, one of the sellers of the homes featured in Million Dollar Beach House.

Sandy and Peggy are wearing the same outfits they wore in Million Dollar Beach House.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Unfortunately, the photo gives no word on whether Noel was able to sell the house. Guess we'll have to wait for season 2 to find out.

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