The Cast of 1923 Needed a Flow Chart to Understand the Dutton Family Tree

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1923 Cast Was Confused by the Dutton Family TreeEmerson Miller

Fans aren't the only ones busily trying to work out the connections between western dramas 1923 and Yellowstone—even the 1923 cast needed some help understanding how their characters are related.

"I don’t know the tree," James Badge Dale, who appears on the show as John Dutton Sr., told The Hollywood Reporter. "This was the running joke. Harrison and I would be like, ‘I think we’re related, I don’t know how.’ We all need a flow chart." He added, "I’ve seen them online, when people have tried to create them. I don’t know if those are accurate or not. And here’s the thing, this is [show creator Taylor Sheridan]’s universe. We could be saying one thing or thinking one thing, and Taylor can decide something else and we’ll be watching 1943 and realize it’s a little different and he’ll change it up."

While Yellowstone was the first show in Sheridan's Dutton-driven universe, the modern day ranching drama has since spawned two historical prequels—1923, and its predecessor, 1883—as well as an upcoming spin off. Both prequels have fleshed out more about the Dutton family history, and their longstanding connection with their famous ranch, but a number of mysteries still remain. Perhaps the most pressing: who branch of the family tree that the modern day Duttons trace their lineage back to.

While many fans are still hoping for more concrete answers about the interconnections of the Duttons as 1923's first season continues, you can check out everything we know so far about the Dutton family tree right here.

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