In Case You Were Wondering, Here's How to Wear a Beanie

Lauren Adhav
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Photo credit: Jeremy Moeller - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jeremy Moeller - Getty Images

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Winter is coming up soon, and there's honestly nothing that makes me feel more cozy than throwing on a soft beanie. While the fact that you lose most of your body heat through your head has been debunked (who else thought this was still a thing?!), it still does a lot to keep you—and your ears!—warm in frigid temps.

But if you're new to the winter headwear territory or you just want some tips on how to wear or style a beanie, here, I demonstrated five ways using some I had laying around in my closet. (Of course, I do not look as chic as the street style stars above, but, hey, I tried!)

How you can wear them also depends on the types of beanies you have, whether they're long or short, cuffed or uncuffed, etc., so you can play around with the shape until it sits exactly how you want it to. (Psst, in need of a refresher on all the other types of hats out there? You can head right this way.)

And if you feel so inspired by all the comfy beanies, I also included some you can shop right! now! to go with all your cute winter coats. So you can go bold with bright colors and thick knits or keep it more subdued with neutrals and more simple designs. The options are endless!

Sticking Straight Up

To achieve this style it's all about finding the right beanie. You want one that's a little more thick and structured so it's able to stay up straight, rather than fall backward behind your head. It took me a while to come around to this look because the extra fabric at the top looked so weird to me? But over the years, it's become one of my favorite ways to wear a beanie since you don't have to fiddle around with it or make sure it's laying the right way with other slouchy styles. You can just throw that sucker on and walk out the door!

All the Way Down

So this works best with shorter beanies, also known as "fisherman" beanies, because you can pull it down so it hugs your entire head without covering your eyes. Being able to see is important, people! Some styles are even shorter so that your ears are more exposed, but you can choose whichever one you prefer. (FWIW, I like covering my ears because they're *very* sensitive to the cold.)


You can pull this off with shorter or longer styles. Fit it over your head just enough so that there's material in the back that folds over a bit. You can play around with the fabric so it sits just how you want it.

Super Slouchy

This works best with very long styles, or if your hat is cuffed, you can unroll it so you have more material to work with. It's pretty self-explanatory, but put it over your head to where you like, then fold over the fabric in the back so that it hangs nicely. David Beckham is also a big fan of wearing them like this, so there's that?

Pushed Back

If you have bangs or just generally don't like to cover all of your hair, you can also opt to wear your beanie this way. Take the opening and lay it a couple inches away from your hairline, but not so far back that it slides off. I know, I know, it's tricky. Pulling it over your ears can help secure it better, and there you have it!

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