Carvel Is Serving Sea Salt Caramel Soft-Serve And Scooped Ice Cream For A Limited Time

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Photo credit: Carvel
Photo credit: Carvel

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There’s something about the combination of sea salt and caramel that works so well in a range of sweet treats. Carvel has taken the cue, and has an entire sea salt caramel line of ice cream creations for a limited time. Spoiler alert: Some of them include chocolate-covered pretzels.

Whether you like a simple cup of ice cream or a whole sundae, there is bound to be something that speaks to your taste buds. The sea salt caramel line includes Sea Salt Caramel Soft Serve, Sea Salt Caramel Scooped, Sea Salt Caramel Thick Shake, and Sea Salt Caramel Sundae Dasher.

  • Sea Salt Caramel Soft Serve: a pinch of sea salt and caramel for a sweet and salty blend

  • Sea Salt Caramel Scooped: a pinch of sea salt, caramel, and chocolate-covered pretzels

  • Sea Salt Caramel Thick Shake: a sweet and salty blend of sea salt and caramel flavors

  • Sea Salt Caramel Sundae Dasher: layers of Sea Salt Caramel soft serve, caramel, and chocolate-covered pretzels topped with whipped cream and more chocolate-covered pretzels

Carvel hasn’t given an exact date for when the limited-edition sea salt caramel treats will be leaving stores, and it probably widely varies by location, so don’t hesitate if these have made it on your must-have list. It’s worth mentioning that these came out in late April, so the countdown is already on.

You might not have realized that you can get Carvel delivered straight to your door. It has partnerships with UberEats, Doordash, Grubhub, and Postmates, so you can order your Sea Salt Caramel Sundae Dasher, sit back, and wait for it to turn up on your doorstep.

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