Carson Daly is in People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue

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Carson Daly is opening up about his love for food in People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue.

In a Nov. 9 interview with People, Carson explained how to make the "perfect" steak at home, with other stars also sharing their favorite recipes in the issue. In addition to the recipe breakdown, the TODAY co-host revealed all things he adores about cooking, including his love for barbecue and having a nice homemade meal with his family and friends.

"I love to grill. I love to make cocktails. I love to create an environment that's family-fun and friendly," he said. "We have a big kind of open-concept room that our kitchen and our family room is in. So it's really from four o'clock to seven o'clock in the Carson household around the kitchen, centered around dinner that night — kids kind of doing homework in and out for sports. Food is at the epicenter of the household."

For their meals, Carson explained that he'll help his wife, Siri Pinter, out in the kitchen by cooking a protein or two.

"I like to barbecue, so I'll do the steaks if I can or I love to do fish outside. And Siri does a great job with making any of the sides and the salads and all the stuff that goes along with it," he said.

Carson reflected on what his parents’ home-cooked meals were like growing up and that his love for food didn't come until later on.

“I did not think about food when I was growing up really, especially as far as cooking because in the ‘80s, my mom would make pork chops and they were gray and they were a can of onion soup and it was awful. My dad would serve burgers that were still bleeding," Carson recalled, sharing that he was "scarred" by some of their cooking.

It wasn't until he met Pinter that his love for food really started to take center stage in his life.

"Siri is such a foodie. When I met her, she had a food blog. She's from the Midwest and we'd be at breakfast, and all she and her friends do and parents and everybody in her world — when they're at breakfast, they talk about lunch. When they're at lunch, they talk about dinner, and I'm like, you guys got to stop."

However, it wasn't long until Carson was pulled into that world himself and started to love food just as much as his wife.

Carson Daly (People)
Carson Daly (People)

“I got kind of sucked into it and now I really love it,” he said. “It’s at the epicenter of our family.”

Carson and Pinter have now passed on their love of cooking to their teenage son, Jackson.

The pair are proud parents to their three kids, Jackson, Etta and London.

“I noticed my 14-year-old son now loves to cook. He’s incredible,” Carson said. “And I follow him around like a mad scientist, kind of picking up after him and putting things away so that my wife doesn’t have to deal with it at a later point.”

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