Carrie Underwood Unveils Delicate New Tattoo

Carrie Underwood just debuted a beautiful new tattoo!

The country superstar found herself on vacation together in Destin, Florida, with her sisters-in-law Beth Fisher, Jaden Valerie, and Meredith Kirk, sharing a carousel of Instagram photos from their adventures.

In one, they stood on a balcony in bright floral dresses, the foggy background of the gray ocean contrasting with their cheerful smiles. In another, they all sat on the bench seat of a boat, matching drinks in hand. There were also a number of shots on the beach, and even a couple from the tattoo parlor, where they each left with a new piece of permanent art on their forearms.

The "Before He Cheats" songstress walked away with a lightly colored daisy, while another got a white-ink compass or starburst and the others got fine-line tats: one a series of birds and the other a sprig of flowers.

"Sisters…not by blood…but sisters nonetheless," she captioned the series. "💕God truly showed us great favor by putting us all together. These ladies are strong, kind and faithful and I’m so happy I get to do life with them!!! It’s true that you don’t get to choose your family, but if I could, I would choose these exact three women to be my sisters-in-law! From the beach to the tattoo parlor, Destin didn’t know what hit it! I love you ladies!!!"

Fans loved the little glimpse into their getaway, finding the normalcy of it all refreshing.

"This is the most normal girls trip I’ve ever seen a celebrity in and I love it so much!!" one wrote.

"Imagine just walking down the beach in destin and it’s Carrie underwood lord i’d collapse lol," another joked.

"can I be your sister?" someone else wanted to know.

A few were seemingly scandalized by the singer's new ink, apparently not realizing that she also has a four-leaf clover and a black cat that she got in college, bringing her grand total up to three with the most recent addition.

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