Carrie Underwood Caused a Commotion After Wearing a Fan's Jacket During Her Concert

Carrie Underwood Caused a Commotion After Wearing a Fan's Jacket During Her Concert

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Carrie Underwood has officially embarked on her Denim & Rhinestones Tour, and just like her Vegas residency shows, anything goes.

At 39, the American Idol champion isn't missing a beat as she performs every night in head to toe rhinestones and of course, those famous daisy duke shorts that show off country music's most talked about legs. But, it's what she wore during her latest concert in New Jersey that has everyone talking.

During a rock and roll performance of "Poor Everybody Else" from her latest album, Carrie strutted her way down the stage, and one lucky fan in particular got her attention. A fan named Chris, who posted the special moment on Instagram, was wearing a denim jacket that read "Poor Everybody Else" on the back. Once Carrie saw the gear, she pointed Chris out in the crowd to acknowledge his jacket, and he did Carrie the favor by letting her wear it on stage.

With a mic in one hand and the personalized jacket in the other, Carrie flawlessly put on the jacket without missing a beat. "So iconic! She was so smooth putting it on too! 😍," commented one fan. Not to mention, the jacket perfectly matched her denim cutoff shorts, black bodysuit and bedazzled boots.

Carrie even posted a photo of herself in the fan's jacket following the show. Her caption read, "Had so much fun in Newark, NJ last night at the @prucenter ! Thanks for always being so great to us! And thanks to the fan who let me borrow an extra layer for a song or two!"

Although, the denim jacket was just one of many major fashion moments throughout the show, it definitely caused the biggest reaction on social media. Some people didn't quite understand that it was a title of one of Carrie's songs, although many did, and even said they wanted one!

  • "That jacket is pretty awesome and I low-key want one lol"

  • "Omg, the Poor Everybody Else jacket!! I might just have to make one like that! 😻💜"

  • "Great show Carrie, we loved it! So impressed by your drum solo and your quick changes! ❤️🔥"

  • "Love the jacket!!"

With her 40th birthday just around the corner, we can't wait to see what Carrie has in store for future shows!

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