Carly Waddell From ‘BiP’ Season 3 Explains the Reason for Her Emergency Hospital Visit

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Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Bachelor Nation fans, I come bearing good news: Carly Waddell from Bachelor in Paradise season 3 appears to be doing well after her emergency hospital visit last week and is now telling her followers exactly what happened to her. According to Carly, she was in the process of boarding a flight and started getting “really bad intestinal cramps” just before her plane’s takeoff.

“I couldn’t breathe anymore,” Carly explained in an Instagram video, comparing the pain to labor contractions. “Then I got super, super hot and super, super nauseous, and I stopped being able to see and I stopped being able to hear.”

After asking to leave the flight, Carly then “passed out” and the fire department boarded the flight to assist her. Once the paramedic got a better idea of her condition, Carly was taken off the flight and to the hospital but only got sicker on her way there. “I probably threw up 20 times...I was so dehydrated somehow that they couldn’t. They stuck me, I don’t know, 200 times—probably at least 20. They couldn’t get blood out for forever,” Carly added.

In addition to the stomach issues, Carly also had low blood pressure and a “super high” white blood cell count. The doctors at the hospital weren’t sure what was going on with Carly, but “they said it was probably a virus or bacteria that just got me and got me really good,” she said. “I just was, like, really down for the count. The only thing that really helped was fluid and time.”

So glad to hear that Carly is better—wishing her well during her recovery! ❤️

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