Caribou Coffee employee shares 'problematic' coffee cup decal

A Caribou Coffee employee is going viral after

sharing the reason he has to remove approximately

25 percent of his customers’ coffee sleeves.

The worker, posting on TikTok under the username msr828, explained the company’s

issue in a short, behind-the-scenes video.

In his clip, the employee tells his followers that each coffee sleeve contains one of four “outdoorsy,” nature-themed phrases.

“I have to go in and I have to take out every fourth one,” the worker states. “Because they printed them with the words, ‘Fight the urge to remain indoors'”.

The accidentally troublesome message, which, according to a Caribou statement to Fox News,

was printed long before the global health crisis.

Now, with several states still requiring their residents to

stay home and shelter in place.

the chain said it has begun asking employees to “sort out materials

that were produced before the pandemic and aren’t exactly on point

with the heroic efforts that are being made to contain [it]”.

“It only took them most of a month,”

one user wrote, sharing a an image

of a cup featuring the slogan in April