Carhartt Reworked Expands to Accept Mail-Ins

True to Carhartt’s maxim, its gear is “tough to wear out.” So much so that the workwear brand is introducing a digital trade-in option with its resale partner, Trove.

Effective today, the first branded resale site in the workwear sector will begin accepting mail-in trade-ins.

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“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Carhartt Reworked by introducing the mail-in trade-in program,” said Gayle Tait, CEO of Trove. “This expansion will reward Carhartt customers for their loyalty while reinforcing the brand’s dedication to sustainability. Trove’s modular resale technology will enable Carhartt Reworked’s growth and evolution in branded resale.”

The “True to This” brand started accepting in-store trade-ins roughly a year ago—the same time Reworked launched—with six outposts. Three months later, that number blossomed to 35. Soon after, every store—except for the Orlando-based factory location—began accepting trade-ins.

And now, after engaging with more than 22,500 “hardworkers” in every state across the country, extending the life of over 43,000 garments and keeping more than 68,000 items out of landfill since initially launching last March, mail-in trade-ins are possible.

The expansion represents “another milestone” in the evolution of Carhartt Reworked, giving every devotee a chance to partake, regardless of where in the states they reside, according to Gretchen R. Valade, director of sustainability at Carhartt. Plus, with the help of Trove, the digital trade-in method underscores the company’s commitment to environmental impact by “getting gently used gear that isn’t done working into the hands of those who need it.”

“We launched our resale program, Carhartt Reworked, to extend life of our gear, reduce clothing waste and keep previously worn and slightly imperfect gear out of landfills and on the job where it belongs,” Valade told Sourcing Journal. “We’re very excited for the new expansion of the initiative. Launching the digital trade-in feature allows more customers to participate in the program and brings inclusivity to those who wear our gear and love our brand but may not live near one of our owned retail stores.”

The Reworked program accepts trade-ins of select Carhartt products: any item produced by the brand in the past 10 years with an original MSRP of $50 or more, encompassing outerwear, shirt jacs, bib overalls and coveralls, hoodies, sweatshirts, pants and jeans. Customers can either bring in these gently used garments to Carhartt-owned stores or send them in via mail before shopping for other Reworked garments online.