Cardi B responds to critics who say she looks 'weird' without makeup: 'I feel comfortable'

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Cardi B has a message for her haters.

On Tuesday, the 28-year-old rapper posted a candid video to Instagram with no makeup on and her hair slightly disheveled to let her followers know that she was unbothered by negative comments about her appearance.

“Y’all take pictures or video of me with no makeup while I’m in motion and be like, ‘Oh, look at Cardi, she looks weird without no makeup.’ This me with no makeup, no filter. You know, you can see the little blemishes on my face, you can see my lips so chapped, I’ve been biting them all night. I woke up 20 minutes ago, didn’t even brush my hair,” she said.

The rapper added that she was feeling good and was no longer going to let negative comments affect her.

“I just wanted to let y’all know that I feel comfortable in my skin, that I’m great, that I’m happy,” she continued. “My record is doing great and just because you got so much hatred in your heart that when I do great y’all wanna put it down. You can’t, I’ma stay on top with this face, with this natural face. Makeup or not, a bitch is doing good.”

Fans and fellow celebrities took to Cardi’s comments to show their support and praised her for her transparency.

“You look beautiful,” Chloe Bailey commented

“I think you look beautiful with no makeup!” actress Tisha Campbell added.

“All the facts,” singer Tamar Braxton noted.

“Loveee you babbbbbby! This why I always loved you since u use to make videos on IG being yourself! Never cared about opinions,” a fan wrote.

“That part!!! You’re beautiful inside and out and nobody can take that from you!!!” Another person said.

This confidence-spewing video comes after the “Up” rapper shared pictures of her acne struggles on Twitter last month. She asked her fans for advice about the right products to use.

Fans sent the star countless suggestions but Cardi went with a recommendation from fellow singer Kehlani.

This is far from the first time Cardi has felt like she needed to address negative comments. In 2018, in an interview with Cosmopolitan, she assured her fans that she was not going to change for anyone.

“Everybody got different beliefs and different religions and were raised differently, yet you also supposed to be careful you don’t offend somebody,” Cardi said at the time. “Everybody gets bothered about everything. Everybody got a fucking opinion about you. If I change myself, then I’m going to lose myself, and I won’t be who makes me happy.”

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