Cardi B Debuted a Rainbow Wig

Cardi B continues her trend of hair transformations, ditching her newly unveiled pink and blonde wig for a wig that included nearly every color in a crayon box.

For her fourth hair change of the week, Cardi B has gone rainbow, unveiling her newest colorful hair piece on her Instagram Stories. This latest change comes after the rapper unveiled a short, chic pixie cut at the VMAs, debuted a long side pony during a shoot with Selena Gomez, and went bright and bold for a hot pink wig that appeared on Instagram earlier this week.

The look is very much reminiscent of a previous unicorn look that we saw earlier this summer. For her newest take on color, Cardi B toned down the brightness, instead choosing softer pastel shades that included pink, purple, blue, and yellow. She coordinated the new colors with a yellow top.

Cardi B didn't address the reason for a change in her Instagram Stories, but her shift in shade happened only hours after she posted a video in her pink and blonde wig. The new hair also proves long like her last change, with the hair seemingly hitting to her waist in the video. As reported by Allure, her previous wig might have been her longest style ever, with hairstylist Tokyo Stylez revealing that the pink and blonde piece was 45-inches long. There's no word on how long the rainbow wig is.

This year has been one of frequent hairstyle changes for Cardi B. The new mom has been unafraid to embrace a change in appearance, rocking everything from platinum blonde and pink hair to vintage-inspired beauty looks for her "Bartier Cardi" video.

We'll have to wait and see whether Cardi B makes another change, but if her rainbow color has you feeling inspired, you may want to do your research first. Pastel colors are a bit of an investment, which is why you could always take a cue from Cardi and look for a more temporary option. Hair chalk is great for a quick new 'do and you could always consider a dye job that incorporates a more subtle pop of color.

Instagram: @iamcardib
Instagram: @iamcardib

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