Cara Delevingne and Jaden Smith Share a Romantic Moment and Kiss on Valentine's Day

Photo credit: Michael Kovac - Getty Images
Photo credit: Michael Kovac - Getty Images

From Seventeen

New couple alert? Cara Delevingne and Jaden Smith are sparking romance rumors after they were spotted sharing a romantic moment on Valentine's Day. In photos obtained by the Daily Mail, Cara and Jaden can be seen kissing behind a giant bouquet of roses.

The exchange has fans freaking out. "JADEN AND CARA ARE DATING?" one Twitter user asked. "Cara Delevingne + Jaden. A dream come true," another wrote.

Cara and Jaden recently starred in Life in a Year together. The movie follows 17-year-old Daryn (Jaden) and his relationship with Isabelle (Cara) as she deals with an illness that has given her a year to live. Filming the movie most likely brought them close together, but it's unclear if the pictures from Sunday prove that there is something serious going on between them.

We know that Cara gets very close with her friends. Last year, she got a matching tattoo with Kaia Gerber, with reads "solemate." So, this could definitely just be another case of that.

Cara has seemingly been single since her split from Ashley Benson last year. There were rumors back in September that she was dating Halsey, but those were never confirmed, and as we now know, Halsey is now expecting a baby with her boyfriend, Alex Aydin. So, could this be Cara's first relationship since her breakup from Ashley? I, for one, am shipping Cara and Jaden, but we will have to wait to see if it's the real thing or not.

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